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What is the formula for catenary calculation?

  z = -H/g (cosh (gx/H)-1)   where   z = vertical distance H = Horizontal component of cable force g = weight of cable / unit of lenght x = horizontal distance (MORE)
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What is the catenary solution?

  The mathematical equation for creating a catenary curve is: y=acosh(x/a)   'a' is a variable, x and y are the axis of the graph. The steepness of the curve is invers (MORE)
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What is catenary taping?

Catenary taping is where tape measurements are mage above the  ground suspended between tripod. corrections have to be made for  the sag of the tape from the horizontal. Usi (MORE)

What is catenary of turbine?

Catenary is the curve formed by the Turbine Rotors when they are placed on their respective Bearings.The level of each bearing and its housings are ear marked or indicated by (MORE)
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What is catenary towing?

A catenary is the curve formed by slack wire - telephone cables are a good example. So a catenary tow is one where, simply put, the towline is attached to shackles of anchor c (MORE)