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What is corporate catering?

Catering is when food is set up and delivered to a place that is  not a restaurant. Corporate catering is when food is provided at a  job or business.

Salaries of a caterer?

It all depends on what state you live in, how well you market yourself, who you market to, and how many events you book. Generally caterers charge 3x the food costs for an eve (MORE)

What is catering and what is the importance of catering?

Catering is one kind of business that provides food service to any particular event or occasion. It plays an important role in having best quality food service at any event wi (MORE)

Who invented catering?

Catering started during the 4th century in China. It did not become  big in America until after the World War when food companies had  surplus of items.

What is commercial catering?

Commercial Catering means prepared cooking dishes easily provided by any professional service,to make easy arrangement for consumer,this system frequently better works for mar (MORE)

What is in-flight catering?

In-flight catering is the provision of food to on board passengers. Its quality must be hygienic and safe according to international food safety and security standards. It mus (MORE)

What is catering?

lotto   Catering is a business that provides meals or snacks (along with silverware) for special events, such as weddings, graduations, ceremonies, corporate events, etc.
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