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What does catharsis mean?

The purging of pity and fear through tragedy (according to Aristotle). The release of emotions. The release of emotional tension..
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What is catharsis?

A cleansing or purging of something; usually refers to a person undergoing some transformation. A rebirth.
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Sentence for catharsis?

The word catharsis is a noun. She found that expressing herfeelings through writing poetry was an act of catharsis.
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Example of a catharsis?

The ancient notion of "catharsis," meaning an emptying (andpurifying) of emotions through the viewing of an artistic work orperformance, can be demonstrated through quite a wi (MORE)
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What is an example of catharsis?

Hm, well in Oedipus Rex, Oedipus finds out that he has killed his father and married his own mother. He the proceeds to gouge his eyes out with his dead mother's adornments.. (MORE)
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A sentence with catharsis?

Catharsis is an emotional release, essentially. An example sentencewould be: His feeling of catharsis made a world of difference.
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Who is Atraio Catharsis?

Atraio Catharsis aka Atraio Navarro is a known Blogger and Underground Personality. Atraio is a 22 year old, who currently resides in Tempe, Arizona. Atraio portrays himself a (MORE)
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What was Macbeth's catharsis?

Catharsis for Macbeth is the purging of emotions for the tragic hero. The play helps us feel a chain of emotions usually leading with love and ending in pity. In the beginn (MORE)
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What catharsis is?

It deals with the relief of emotional tensions and anxiety by bringing such feelings into the open