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Is at the least cathartic a sentence?

"At the least cathartic." is not a sentence. A sentence must contain a subject (noun) and a verb. The given phrase contains neither.
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How do you use cathartic in a sentence?

It's an adjective, used to describe a noun or a gerund. Examples: Richard found the effort very cathartic. (noun is 'effort') Talking to someone about a problem can be cathart (MORE)

What are cathartic moments?

cathartic moments mean moments of one's cleansing. it could be emotional or physical cleansing and purification. moments like these are accompanied with changes in one's perso (MORE)

What does cathartic mean?

it means a processed emotional release. it is a healing release of emotions. It also means a laxative or purging affect which can include an emotional aspect as well as a phys (MORE)
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Why would someone become cathartic?

A cathartic substance is one that accelerates defecation. Somebody would become cathartic by the ingestion of magnesium sulfate or sodium sulfate. In psychiatry cathartic mea (MORE)

A sentence with cathartic with context clues?

Mary found the psychologist's style of therapy to be very  cathartic. Cathartic can be used an as adjective or a noun. A sentence with the word cathartic that uses context cl (MORE)