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What are the dimensions for the chartres cathedral?

Statistics from the Wikipedia article:   * length: 130 metres (430 ft)  * width: 32 metres (100 ft) / 46 metres (150 ft)  * nave: height 37 metres (120 ft); width 16.4 (MORE)
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What makes a cathedral a cathedral?

A cathedral is a church which is the seat of a bishop; the word "cathedral" comes from the Latin for "chair" - cathedra. So it is generally up to the church authorities when t (MORE)

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What are cathedrals?

A cathedral is the principal church of a bishop's diocese, containing the episcopal throne. It's derived from a latin word - cathedra (seat or chair) - which refers to the pre (MORE)

How is the chartres cathedral built?

On 10 June 1194 another fire caused extensive damage to Fulbert's cathedral. The true extent of the damage is unknown, though the fact that the lead (MORE)

What are gothic cathedrals?

Gothic cathedrals major Churches (cathedrals) built in the 'Gothic'  style, a style of architecture that flourished during the high and  late medieval period.    The (MORE)