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What was the music conservatory in Santiago de Cuba?

Ante que todo: dos eras;Antes de 1959,existia el Conservatorio de la destacada pianista y profesora Dulce Maria Serret. Existia la Licenciatura en Musica en la Universidad de (MORE)
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Pregunto por el pianista de Santiago de Cuba Junior Alcolado?

El pianista de Santiago de Cuba, Junior Alcolado reside en Canada despues de su desercion como becario en Polonia> Alla permanecio bajo la ensenanza de la pianis Czerny Stefan (MORE)

What is the camino de Santiago?

The Camino de Santiago is a group of pilgrimage routes through Spain to Santiago de Compostela. According to the lore, Saint James (an Apostle of Jesus) traveled as a missiona (MORE)
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In which months does winter fall in Santiago de Chile?

June and July are winter months in Chile, including Santiago de Chile. The city and its country are located on the western side of South America. That puts both well within th (MORE)
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Where does El Camino de santiago start?

el Camino de Santiago is not one trail but many different routes (about 8 official routes in France, 15 in Spain and many that start in other European countries) so there is n (MORE)

Why do people pilgrim to the santiago de compostela cathedral?

People pilgrim to the famous cathedral in Santiago de Compostela to visit the burial site of the Apostle Santiago, or James the Greater/James the Elder. People do the Camino d (MORE)

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