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What is a catheter?

A catheter is a flexible tube that is inserted through a narrowopening in the body cavity, such as the bladder. It is used forremoving fluid.

What is folly catheter?

A Foley catheter is a soft and sterile plastic or rubber tube  inserted into the bladder to drain urine. It can be left in place  for longer periods of time, so it is often (MORE)
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What is a suprapubic catheter?

  A Suprapubic Catheter is a urine drainage catheter which is inserted into the bladder so that urine can be drained out, usually when the normal way out for the urine is (MORE)
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What is dialysis catheter?

  Some thing to do with the kidney dialysis , possibly where the blood comes out of a vein, is de-toxified and returns back to go round the body.
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Is catheter a drug?

A catheter is a medical device used to collect urine from inside the body of someone who is incompetent. No drugs involved. Just plastic.
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Are catheters painful?

I was sleeping when they put it in but when they took it out it was very uncomfortable and a little painful
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What is a Word catheter?

A small rubber catheter with an inflatable balloon tip that is inserted into a stab incision in the cyst, after the contents of the cyst have been drained
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What is men's catheter?

It is a tube that is inserted in order to help a man urinate when for some reason the urethra is obstructed in some way.
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