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What is a catheter?

A catheter is a flexible tube that is inserted through a narrowopening in the body cavity, such as the bladder. It is used forremoving fluid.
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How do you use a catheter?

A catheter is a term used for any thin tube inserted into the body - not just a urinary catheter. So, you would use a catheter as intended. You would insert a urinary cathete (MORE)
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What is a Quintin catheter?

  It is a large-bore 2- or 3-lumen catheter used for hemodialysisused for dialysis, it is usually in the chest wall.   It is spelled Quinton not quintin

What is a foley catheter?

A tube inserted into the bladder after a urethra gauge is used to measure the circumference of the urethra. Once the measurement is obtained, the appropriate sized urinary cat (MORE)

How painful is a catheter?

That depends on how you feel about "pain". Some people whine when they clip their nails, while others can nail their foot to a board without flinching.....that is completely s (MORE)
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Catheter is a type of?

It is a tube which is used to drain something from inside the body  to the outside. The most common catheter is probably a urinary  catheter, and a FOLEY is probably the mos (MORE)
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What is a hero catheter?

It is a specialized type type of dialysis catheter that is implanted into the patient's upper right arm, in place of an A/V fistula.