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What is a Catholic?

A Catholic is a follower of Christ who practices the following to the best of their ability: 1. Humility or faith and trust in God which is the foundation of all true rela (MORE)

Who are catholics?

Catholics are any who profess to believe in the teachings of the Catholic Church. Teachings of the Catholic Church are outlined in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, whi (MORE)

What do Catholics do?

.   Catholic AnswerAs there are over a billion people on the planet right now who claim to be Catholic, from every nation in the world, that question is pretty much not ans (MORE)

Who can be a Catholic?

Anyone who decides they want to be. Catholic means universal - Jesus came for all. A person would go to a priest to ask the steps they need to take for Baptism.
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What are Catholics?

Roman Catholic AnswerA Catholic is a Christian. A Catholic is a member of Christ's Church who is trying to work out his salvation with fear and trembling. A Catholic is a Chri (MORE)

Why do you have to be Catholic?

I assume you want this answer from a Catholic perspective. The answer in short is: BECAUSE THAT'S HOW YOU GET TO HEAVEN. Jesus founded the Catholic Church. He told Peter " (MORE)

How it is to be Catholic?

I am Catholic and I am an altar server (altar servers are two people who help the priest), Catholics believe God is with them where ever they go, and as you notice, on our cro (MORE)

What can Catholics not do?

The big things that they are not supposed to do are sinand live their lives as if the only purpose for it wasn't God andheaven.
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Why you are a Catholic?

I am a Catholic because of the love and grace of God. I was baptized in the Methodist Church, my parents raised me as a Lutheran. In seventh grade, I began the three year Conf (MORE)