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Which is correct between Cathy and I or between Cathy and me?

Between "Cathy and me" is correct. "Between" is a preposition, and you use "me" as the object of a preposition. Always try it with another proposition, such as "for," and make (MORE)

Cathy Freeman's favourite food?

Steamed fish, pumpkin, broccoli, basmati rice with a little sea salt, cracked pepper and lemon juice
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Who is Cathy Coonley?

Cathy Coonley is the mother of two of Gordon Lightfoot's 6 children. Also she is credited for the cover picture of "Endless Wire" and a photo of her is included in the sam (MORE)

When did Cathy Freeman start running?

Cathy freeman started running in grade 1 when her class teacher told her she should have a go at school sports and since then shes carried on running
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Why is Cathy freeman remembered?

As an excellent indigenous Australian athlete and a trailblazer for indigenous athletes at the Olympics.
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How much money does Conan o brien make?

As of June 2014, Conan O'Brien makes an estimated 12 million  dollars per year from TBS. When he renews his contract, the price  will change.
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Is Conan o brien coming back to late night?

  In June. He's taking over Late Night and Leno is moving to primetime! :)
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Why did Tim o brien start writing?

He started to write to cope with the things that happened in the Vietnam War.
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What is Cathy Dennis famous for?

Cathy Dennis is a song writer. Her songs have been recorded by Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry. Cathy Dennis was born March 25, 1969 and has stated that she was influenced by St (MORE)