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How do you dry catnip?

One way would be in the oven on low temp. in a pan or on a separate rack or screen, and with the oven door open, checking every couple of hours, it will take a few depending h (MORE)
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Is catnip banned?

No - catnip is not banned :) Its a perfectly legal high for your cat. You can purchase it as tea for humans, it has no effect on humans, the tea is supposed to be "calming" th (MORE)

What are the effects of catnip?

The effects of catnip on cats are many and varied: - only 1 in 2 cats is effected by catnip. - Kittens less than 8 weeks old have no effect - High lasts 10-15 minutes (MORE)

Can kittens have catnip?

Kittens can respond to catnip as early as 8 weeks old. The positive reaction and desire for catnip is inherited from their mother - if mum likes it then kittens will too. Al (MORE)

What is catnip used for?

catnip is sometimes used for the stuffing in cat toys so they play with them more. people spray them on scrathing posts so cats scratch on them.they put them in cat beds so th (MORE)

How does catnip work?

If you mean on cats: It has an aromatic oil which is like alcohol to a cat but the cat only has to sniff it and it kind of makes the cat drunk. Also the aromatic oil makes it (MORE)

Where to buy catnip?

You can buy it at almost any pet store like Petsmart or Petsupermarket. You might be able to buy it at Walmart or Publix too.
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What will catnip do to a human?

Humans can use catnip to help them sleep, for arthritis, for general joint aches and pains, and for a tooth ache. It is usually made into a tea. However pregnant woman should (MORE)
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Can you eat catnip?

Yup, people make tea out of it (i love it), it can make you a little sleepy though. It's in the mint family so its similar to eating mint, and it was way more commonly used ba (MORE)

Where can catnip be found?

Catnip is a plant that many people add to their gardens so have  something fun for their cats. It is a type of mint plant and grows  in sunny locations that have plenty of w (MORE)