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Where was national treasure 2 filmed?

In a bunch of different places: Buckingham PalaceBuena Vista Street, S. Pasadena, CAGeorge Washington Masonic Nat'l MemorialGreystone Park and Mansion, Beverly Hills, CALinco (MORE)

Where was cat ballou filmed?

Cat Ballou was filmed in 1965 in three locations. The first locale  was Canon City, Colorado, the second was Los Angeles, California,  and the third was Burbank, California. (MORE)

Where was Rambo 2 filmed?

The movie was shot entirely on location in Mexico. The waterfall explosion scene was shot in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico and the rest of the movie in Tecoanapa, Guerrero, Mexic (MORE)

Is don 2 a good film?

Yes Don 2 is a nice movie. Upon release, the film received positive to mixed reviews from critics in India and mostly positive reviews from critics worldwide. India Nikhat Kaz (MORE)