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How did Catullus die?

The cause is unknown, but he died in Rome at the age of 30 in 54 B.C.
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What is the summary of Catullus 5?

a translation: Let us live my Lesbia, and let us love, And may we value all the rumors of too strict old men As but one assis/penny. The suns are able to rise and to fall, F (MORE)
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What type of poems did Catullus write?

Gaius Valerius Catullus, most widely known as Catullus, wrote poems which particularly focused on love and lovers. This type of poetry is known as a 'carmen'. Much of his styl (MORE)
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What did Catullus write?

Catullus wrote 116 short poems, which were divided into 3 main groups. Poems 1-60 were the "Nugae," which translates to "Nonsense" Poems 61-68 were the "Carmina Docta" which (MORE)
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Did Catullus write any books?

No, he wrote a series of poems which was grouped into a work called his Carmina
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Catullus poem 6?

Flavius, unless she were unpretty and inelegant, you would want tospeak of your darling to Catullus and you wouldn't be able to keep quiet,but you love some feverish harlot. Y (MORE)
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What are some literary techniques of catullus 1?

Here is a short list of poetic devices used by Catullus: . Alliteration. - repetition of initial consonant sounds in two or more closely situated word. Anaphora. - rep (MORE)
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Was virgil a better poet than catullus?

Depends upon what you mean by "better"... Is an apple 'better' than a pear? Is South Carolina 'better' than Georgia? I'd say that Virgil is generally held in greater esteem as (MORE)