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What are Caudillos?

caudillos is spanish for a political military leader at the head of an authoritarian power
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Who were the latin American caudillos?

Many Latin American army leaders had gained fame and power during their long struggle for independence. And they controlled the new nations as military dictators, caudillos.
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What were caudillos known for?

The caudillos were notable for their fierce control of power and unquestioning loyalty to the U.S policy.
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Why did caudillos rise power in south America?

They rose to power to provide stability to the area they were located in after a period of turmoil, or after a revolution.
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What is sentence using caudillo?

There were many migrations to the U.S after people realized that their caudillo was evil..
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What ways was Santa Anna a typical caudillo?

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