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What is a caul?

A caul, folkloricly speaking is : A certain white mark in any part of the body, meaning that such person has the gift of goodness. Such person is able to sense spirits demons, (MORE)

Who are the famous people Born in the Caul?

A caul is a piece of membrane that can cover a newborn's head andface. It is very rare, but it is a harmless condition. Babies born'in caul' are born inside the amniotic sac. (MORE)
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What are young trees cauled?

Two stages: Seedlings, when they are small and first planted. Sapling - is a young tree, approx 1-3 years old

How do you use caul in a sentence?

"I was born with a caul, which was advertised for sale, in the newspapers, at the low price if fifteen guineas...I was present myslef, and I remember to have felt quite uncomf (MORE)
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Stories of people who are born with a caul?

I was born with a caul (or a veil) as some folks call it. Our traditional belief is that those who are born with this have the gift of prophecy or are called 'seers'. God has (MORE)

What is the book The Calling of the Caul about?

The Calling of the Caul is about the spiritual life of LesterSmitty Smith Jr. who was born with a veil. After he wrote his firstbook, Living in Flow Motion and found out later (MORE)