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What does cauterize mean?

To cauterize is a verb referring to the searing of flesh by either the application of heat or caustic solution such that blood loss is stemmed and exposed flesh is sterilized (MORE)
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What does cauterized mean?

Answer . Cauterizing means burning the wound to the point that the blood vessels are sealed and stop bleeding. The new scalpels being used burn through the flesh which cut (MORE)

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What is cauterization in medical terms?

basically to cauterize is to shinge close. it uses an electrical current and transfers it to heat so we can "zap" a blood vessel in surgery to stop the bleeding. we can also u (MORE)
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What does 'to cauterize' mean?

To cauterize is a medical procedure in which a portion of the body is burned in order to close off or remove a portion of tissue. It is most often used to remove unwanted or h (MORE)