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Who are gothic poets?

The previous answer to this question was extremely inaccurate, other than listing Poe as a possible Gothic writer. Edgar Allan Poe and Bram Stoker were NOT contemporaries, hav (MORE)

What is a warrior-poet?

 The Warrior-Poet is the ancient tradition of dedication to  developing the body and the mind as one.    The Shambhala teachings of Tibet, the chivalrous knights of (MORE)

Why is Edmund Spencer called poets poet?

(i)His greatness was immediately recognized, with his first publication, and his influence has continued to grow ever since. (ii) He has coached more poets, and more eminent o (MORE)

Who were the fireside poets?

The Fireside poets were 5 men who wrote Romanticism poetry. - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - John Greenleaf Whittier - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. - James Russell Lowell - Willia (MORE)

What did cavaliers do?

The cavaliers were against the roundheads in the civil war that was  in the 1640's. The cavaliers were on King Charles I's side whilst  the roundheads were on Oliver Cromwel (MORE)

Who were the cavaliers?

The Cavaliers were soldiers for King Charles the 1st who fought in the English civil war in the mid 1600s. A cavalier would have long curly hair like King Charles and they wou (MORE)

What is a warrior poet?

The Warrior-Poet are defined by their dedication to their crafts of  warfare, and intellectual study and reflection. The Warrior-Poet  learns to develop the mind and the bod (MORE)

What poet was a Jesuit?

British poet of the Victorian era, Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-1889) became a Jesuit priest. His poetry (Wreck of the Deutschland, God's Grandeur, The Windhover, et. al.) intr (MORE)