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Who were the cavaliers?

The Cavaliers were soldiers for King Charles the 1st who fought in the English civil war in the mid 1600s. A cavalier would have long curly hair like King Charles and they wou (MORE)

Autobiography of poets?

You can find a variety of poet autobiographies online at places  like Poem Hunter and Poetry Foundation. These websites offer  autobiographies and biographies on many poets (MORE)

What were the fireside poets?

  They wee a group of 19th century American Poets from New England that consisted of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, William Cullen Bryant, John Greenleaf Whittier, James Russ (MORE)

Who is the poet laureat?

  Some of the current national Poet Laureates are: United Kingdom: Carol Ann Duffy Scotland: Edwin Morgan Wales: Gwyn Thomas Canada: Pierre DesRuissaux United St (MORE)

What did cavaliers do?

The cavaliers were against the roundheads in the civil war that was  in the 1640's. The cavaliers were on King Charles I's side whilst  the roundheads were on Oliver Cromwel (MORE)

Who were Bible poets?

David (author of the Psalms) and his son Solomon (Proverbs and Song of Solomon) are considered the most poetic writers of the Bible.
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Who is ritikal poet?

Riti Kal is the Scholastic period in Hindu poetry spanning the  period from 1600AD to 1850AD. There were two basic schools:  Ritibaddha (Rhetorical Style) and Ritimukta (fre (MORE)

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Who were the Kannassa poets?

Kannassa poets were three well-known poets that lived between AD 1350 and 1450. They were Madhava Panikkar, Sankara Panikkar and Rama Panikkar of the Kannassa family. The firs (MORE)