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What is cdma?

( C ode D ivision M ultiple A ccess) A method for transmitting simultaneous signals over a shared portion of the spectrum. The foremost application of CDMA is the digital c (MORE)

What is CDMA mobile?

Answer Code division multiple access ( CDMA ) is the current name for the cellular technology originally known as IS-95. This technology is in competition with the GSM tech (MORE)

Applications of cdma?

Code Division Multiple Access can allow for multiple levels ofconversation at the same time on different lines of communication.It does this by first using conventional modula (MORE)

Advantages of CDMA?

CDMA is Code-Division Multiple Access abbreviation, full known as Code Division Multiple Access, is a more advanced digital interface technology, which is characterized by a h (MORE)

What is the CDMA technology?

Code Division Multiple Access ( CDMA ) is a channel access method used by various radio communication technologies. By contrast, time division multiple access ( TDMA ) di (MORE)

What is CDMA repeater?

A CDMA repeater is a device that extends the signal range for cell phone providers that use the CDMA technology. CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) is one of the technologie (MORE)

What are the disadvantages in cdma?

Disadvantages to CDMA are Your handset can only be used with the provider that you got the phone from. Should your phone brake under contract but out of warranty, getting a ne (MORE)

What are the CDMA bands?

CDMA-(code division multiple access), uses spread spectrum technique, which spreads the bandwidth of the data uniformly for the same transmitted power. (surce:wikipedia)
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Why cdma accept only cdma card?

There is no such thing as a CDMA card so there is no card for a CDMA device to accept. With a CDMA device you have to contact the service provider and give them the new device (MORE)