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Primary carrier and secondary carrier in CDMA?

The two big CDMA carriers in the US are Verizon in first, followed by Sprint. NOTE: CDMA networks are only used in US, China, Japan, India, and few other Asian countries.
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Different between CDMA 450 and CDMA 800?

cdma 450 used RUM card cdma 800 used code cdma 450 frequency has very large circle cdma 800 frequency has normal circle
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What is cdma?

(Code Division Multiple Access) A method for transmitting simultaneous signals over a shared portion of the spectrum. The foremost application of CDMA is the digital cellular (MORE)

Can CDMA phones work with GSM networks?

No. They are polar opposites. The only exception is when a phone has both CDMA and GSM network capability built in (like in the iPhone 4S).
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What is CDMA mobile?

   Code division multiple access (CDMA) is the current name for the cellular technology originally known as IS-95. This technology is in competition with the GSM techno (MORE)

What is the CDMA frequency in India?

For CDMA in India, the frequencies are: 824 - 844 MHz for the uplink (handset to base station) 869 - 889 MHz for the downlink (base station to handset) 20 MHz band for up (MORE)

Difference between CDMA and gsm?

CDMA is Code Division Multiple Access.The word itself explains that multiple users accessing the same carrier frequency but having their unique code for each one. Here the ove (MORE)

Difference between CDMA 800 and CDMA 1900?

- CDMA800 (low band) is at freq 800MHz whereas CDMA1900 (high band) is at 1900MHz.  - TX power of CDMA800 is lower than the CDMA1900.
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What is CDMA evdo reva?

  Rev. A is the successor to Rev. 0 of EVDO. Rev. A offers much faster browsing and downloading speeds than Rev. 0.
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