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In 632 CE what does the CE mean?

It is an abbrevation for "Common Era" and is an alternative to the  naming of the calendar era of AD. BCE (Before Common Era) and CE  are the numerical equivalents of the ca (MORE)

What is CE on a calculator?

CE stands for "Clear Entry," which means that when you press it, you only remove the value you most recently typed into the calculator. For example, if you wanted to do 8 * 64 (MORE)

What does CE stand for?

Common Era. As in, "The war began in 1533 C.E." As opposed to B.C.E. (Before the Common Era). The abbreviations used to be "A.D." for "Anno Domini" (the year of our Lord), and (MORE)

What is CE mean as in 79 CE?

CE is an abbreviation in relation to the mostly accepted calendar of the western world and it means Common Era, Christian Era and/ or Current Era since there are cultures that (MORE)

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What is CE and AD?

  CE stands for "common era", it's a way of saying Anno Domini, which means "year of our Lord" without a religious reference. AD goes before the date, by the way.
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What is a CE?

BCE stands for Before Civilized Era. CE stands for Civilized Era. ACE stands for After Civilized Era. Sorry, I will correct my first mistake. BCE stands for Before Common Er (MORE)

Comment les peuples de l Antiquité ou des Première Nations ont ils découvert le moyen d extraire les métaux des minerais?

Ce n'est pas clair, mais c'est fort probable que le plupart des decouverts etait fait par hasard en faisant la cuisine. Si le feu de camp etait etabli sur un minerai metalliqu (MORE)