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Where are most cecropia trees located?

In the world but I think in the rainforest in South America. In the world but I think in the rainforest in South America
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What is a cecropia moth life span?

The life span of a cecropia moth is about 2-3 weeks depending on the area you live in or how much the larvae got in its younger life.
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Are hyalophora cecropia caterpillars poisonous they have spines that look like stingers?

This particular caterpillar is actuallylarvae of a moth, despite its spikes and large appearance it does not bite or sting. it only live for a few weeks! and it's main purpose ( Full Answer )
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What do cecropia moths eat?

cecropia "moths" don't eat anything, they dont have fully developed mouthparts they spend most of their time looking for a mate,the caterpiller eats tree leaves of: ash,birch, ( Full Answer )
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What eats a cecropia tree?

Three toed sloths, grasshoppers, Howler monkeys. these are only some. I dont know of any more but I know there are more.