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Is Cedar Point haunted?

Yes, there have been some ghostly sightings at the loved amusment park Cedar Point. A haunted ferris wheel that moves backwards by it's self at night after hours. Staff has sp (MORE)

What is cedar points fastest ride?

Top Thrill Dragster. It reaches a speed of 120 mph. The next fastest ride at Cedar Point would be Millennium Force, which reaches 93 mph. then i would have to say the raptor o (MORE)

What are the roller coasters at Cedar Point?

the roller coasters of cedar point is Blue Streak,Raptor,Corkscrew,Cedar creek mine ride,Woodstock express,Gemini,Wildcat,Iron Dragon,Mantis,Jr. Gemini,Disaster transport,Wick (MORE)

Are there speed passes at Cedar Point?

Yes, fast passes are available at Cedar Point. For between $50 and  $65, in addition to the standard admission charge, visitors receive  a wrist band allowing them to bypass (MORE)

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