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What is a good strategy for cedar point?

go on a none busy day such as Tuesday ,or next to a major or big holiday ,go when its a bout to rain lightly or when the sun is not shining so the lines will be short and youl (MORE)

What Rides Are At Cedar Point?

Roller Coasters: Blue Streak Raptor Gatekeeper Gemini Mean Streak Millennium Force Maverick Mantis Cork Screw Iron Dragon Top Thrill Dragster
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What Are All The Rides At Cedar Point?

  In ABC Order, it goes..... 4x4's Antique Cars Balloon Race Blue Streak Bumper Cars Cadillac Cars Calypso Camp Bus Cedar Creek Mine Ride Cedar Downs R (MORE)

Is Cedar Point haunted?

Yes, there have been some ghostly sightings at the loved amusment park Cedar Point. A haunted ferris wheel that moves backwards by it's self at night after hours. Staff has sp (MORE)

What time does cedar point open?

Well 10:00 but if you have a platinum season pass the you get in a hour early so 9:00 for platinum passes
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Can you see Canada from cedar point?

Yes but only from the top of millennium force space spiral windseeker and top thrill Dragster
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What year did Cedar point open?

Cedar Point first opened in 1870. It now has over 3.2 million  visitors a year.
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Are there speed passes at Cedar Point?

Yes, fast passes are available at Cedar Point. For between $50 and  $65, in addition to the standard admission charge, visitors receive  a wrist band allowing them to bypass (MORE)