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What is a celesta?

The celesta is a musical instrument, probably best known as a solo instrument in Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies from the Nutcracker. See link.
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What are Celestas made of?

Celestas are usually made of a few different materials. They aretypically made with are metals like steel, woods like oak, andvarious types of strings.
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Where was the celesta made?

The Celesta was made in Paris in 1886 by Augusta Mustel. It is similar to keyboards in that one plays a keyboard to make a type of sound. It seems pretty deep in sound.
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These describes a celesta?

A Celesta is something like an up-right piano, but it produces sounds that vibrates because a little hammer hits against the steel or metal to produce the sound. This is used (MORE)

What is the celesta made of?

The celesta is made out of wood (commonly oak, plywood) insidethere are small hammers that strike strings made from human hair.The hammers are wood with metal tips shaped like (MORE)

Is Death the goddess Celesta?

No - I think that was an invention of the writers of the Xena TV program. In Greek Mythology the Keres were the female daemons of violent death, Achlys was the female daemon o (MORE)
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Why is a celesta different than a piano?

A celesta sounds a bit like a music box, as opposed to the grand sound of the piano. Also, the celesta tends to be a lot quieter than a piano.
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