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What is celibacy?

Celibacy is the lifestyle of someone who is voluntarily abstaining from all sexual activities (also known as "abstinence"), possibly remaining unmarried all his/her life. It (MORE)

Is celibacy right?

Answer . Celibacy is an individual choice. The Apostle Paul in the Bible was a celibate so he could proclaim the gospel. It is probably not as common today as before but so (MORE)

What is optional celibacy?

Answer . Optional celibacy is a choice to be celibate, such as those who choose to remain celibate until marriage, etc. This is different from, say a priest, who is require (MORE)

What is the purpose of the vow of celibacy?

Roman Catholic Answer It is grounded in the doctrine of the superior excellence of virginity and has been reinforced by the spiritual and temporal experience of many centurie (MORE)

What are vows of celibacy?

The vow of celibacy is practiced by Roman Catholic priests and religious brothers and sister/nun to consecrate themselves to God. They promised to be celibate in order to imit (MORE)
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What is a certificate of celibacy?

This Books gives detailed information on Brahmacharya, Celibacy to achieve eternal Health and Youth. The secrets of Eternal Youth & Health from Vedas, Gita, Upanishads, Hin (MORE)

Is celibacy inherited?

In terms of celibacy as part of religious practice it may be encouraged or 'passed down' by those practicing it to people who develop an interest in it, but it is not passed d (MORE)

Why is there celibacy in Buddhism?

As with many Buddhist questions there isn't one answer. It'simportant to state that many Buddhists take formal vows ofcelibacy, others choose this way of life outside of any f (MORE)