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When did the Roman Catholic Church establish celibacy for the clergy?

In AD 304. Canon 33 of the Council of Elvira stated that  all"bishops, presbyters, and deacons and all other clerics" were  to"abstain completely from their wives and not to (MORE)
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Why do shakers believe in celibacy and was that the reason they are in non existence?

  According to the Official Creed of the Shakers ( just ignore the advertising) celibacy was practiced as a form of obedience to Christ's (MORE)

Why are priests in the Roman Catholic Church required to take a vow of celibacy?

Celibacy did not become an official requirement until the 12th century. Many of the early popes were married and some of their sons even became popes. The original purpose of (MORE)

What is the purpose of taking a vow of celibacy?

  In the Christian tradition there are several reasons. Jesus mentions those who give up marriage and family for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 19:12). Paul al (MORE)
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Does Islam encourage celibacy?

Absolutely no...on the contrary Islam encourages marriage & the prophet Muhammad PBUH were always encouraging the youth to marry because as he said it's best & a pure manner t (MORE)
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Which Pope decreed Priestly Celibacy?

It was an unofficial requirement traditionally, but was ( etched in stone) by the reforms of the Council of Trent, in roughly, Elizabethan times. The fact that nearly all Prot (MORE)

When was the rule of celibacy installed for Catholic priests?

Another answer from our community:   Celibacy has been the rule for Catholic priests since the very  beginning, when St. Paul said that he wished all could be as he  was (MORE)