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Nucleus of a cell?

It is the control center of a cell. A nuclear membrane is surrounding it. Large pores in the membrane of the nucleus are there so that substances from the cytoplasm can pass t (MORE)
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Which is smaller cell nucleus or atomic nucleus?

Atomic nuclei are much-much smaller than cell  nuclei.  Why? Because a cell nucleus contains an  enormous number of molecules, each molecule built from a number of  atoms, (MORE)

What does the nucleus of a cell do?

The nucleus of the cell contains much of the DNA of the cell, and it regulates the activities of that cell, whatever those activities are. The nucleus is composed of chemical (MORE)

Why do cells have a nucleus?

The nucleus contains the DNA of the cell and this is vital for cell division and also for making the proteins that the cell needs to function.
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A cell with a nucleus is?

Not all cells have a nucleus. Biology breaks cell types into   eukaryotic(those with a defined nucleus) and prokaryotic (those  with no defined nucleus). You may have hear (MORE)
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Cell with a nucleus?

most cell have a nucleus, not all. Nucleus is the controlling center of the cell. Nucleus carries all the genetic information of the cell. Prokaryotic cells do not have a (MORE)