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Are cellular respiration and cellular synthesis the same?

No - cellular respiration is the process of converting glucose (C6H12O6) to ATP - a form of energy that can be used by the cell. Synthesis is a general term used for the cre (MORE)

What is a Cellular WAN?

  A cellular WAN is the network that is used to make cellular telephone calls. If you install a cellular WAN adapter to your notebook or desktop system, you can connect to (MORE)
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What is scant cellularity?

Scant Cellularity is an unsatisfactory result of a pap smear. The  doctor did not get enough of the cells needed to get a true  reading.

What is a cellular telephone?

A cellular telephone (cell phone) is a small, mobile communication device that you can call or send messages to people from. Many cell phones available now have upgrades such (MORE)
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What does cellular respiration do?

Definition A series of metabolic processes that take place within a cell in which biochemical energy is harvested fromorganic substance (e.g. glucose) and stored as energy (MORE)

Cellular respiration does what?

Well it is a massively complex cascade of processes.. but a summary is this: From a human perspective... we ingest carbohydrates in our diets. These carbohydrates get acted up (MORE)

What do cellular fingerprints do?

A cellular fingerprint is a radio signal, which is something that  every cell phone has. These fingerprints can potentially give law  enforcement a simple way of tracking an (MORE)