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What is the use of cellulite?

Answer . Cellulite is not actually a thing, but it's more like a condition brought on by the arrangement of connective tissue and adipose (fat) tissue in females. It mostl (MORE)
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Why do women get cellulite?

Most of the women get cellulite because of their genes. In most cases women's who has more weight there are more chances of cellulite. By eating a healthy diet we can control (MORE)
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How can you get cellulite?

The best way to get rid of Cellulite is doing 3 different steps. 1. Healthy diet with only healthy carbohydrates and fat 2. Exercises including weight lifting and cardiova (MORE)

What is the cellulite in celery?

Yes celery does get of cellulite but does not always work a more beneficial result in removing cellulite is to drink a lot of water and do some hill training. If cellulite is (MORE)

Do anorexics have cellulite?

Yes, it is possible. Not all anorexics are underweight, and cellulite can appear on "thin" people. Cellulite is in realtion to the distribution of fat, not the amount of fat p (MORE)
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Do you have cellulite?

Cellulite is the extra fat below the skin by which the skin becomes  loose. Cellublue is helpful to eliminate cellulite. Get this object  cellublue from
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