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Who was Celsius?

Anders Celsius (1701-1744) was a Swedish Astronomer who in 1742 created the Celsius temperature scale that uses 100 as the freezing point of water and 0 as the boiling point o (MORE)

What is Celsius?

It is an international metric temperature scale on which waterfreezes at 0° and boils at 100° under normal atmosphericconditions. The term "Celsius" is usually preferred (MORE)
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What is the Antonym for Celsius?

Fahrenheit.   Scroll down to related links and look at "Definition of Celsius" and switch then to "Synonyms" and "Autonyms".
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What is 96.6 in Celsius?

96.6 degrees Fahrenheit = 35.8 degrees Celsius
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What is -273.15 Celsius?

It is know as absolute zero on the Kelvin scale which is the point at which matter no longer moves. Temperature is a measure of energy in the form of heat which occurs when at (MORE)

What is 273.15 Celsius?

Celsius can be converted both to Kelvin and Fahrenheit. If converted to Kelvin it is 0 K. If converted to Fahrenheit, it is 523.15 degree fahrenheit.
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Where did Andres Celsius invent Celsius?

Andres Celsius developed a similar temperature scale that was the reverse of modern scale. The Celsius scale was named after the Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius (1701-1744). (MORE)