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How did Celts travel?

Mostly on foot and on horse back. Horse drawn chariots were known for use in raids and war times, while larger transport carriages were usually pulled by oxen, as the horse wa (MORE)

Where is the Celts?

Modern Celts are in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany, Isle of Man. Or more blankly, Celts originated and have lived in British Isles for thousands of years. It has (MORE)

Why didn't Celts wear armor?

It was many different reasons, one reason was that they used it to intimidate the romans. Second is because they weren't as rich as the Romans as the romans were richer they c (MORE)

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Why did the Celts come to England?

Because they were a travelling group, they didn't stay in one place for too long... they started as tribe on a piece of land and when the tribe got too big some people moved o (MORE)

Who lived in Ireland before the Celts?

Early Immigrants who most likely came from Scotland. The Celts had the advantage of weapons and etc. for conquest over Ireland. Most of the people who came to Ireland before t (MORE)

Why do Celts celebrate Halloween?

Halloween was created by American businesses to fall on the date of the Celtic New Year as there were a lot of Celts in the US. The Celts traditionally did not dress up in cos (MORE)

Are the Celts Galatians?

Better put the other way as the Galatians are celts, but went there from their heartlands in Gaul etc. many fighting as mercenaries around the time of Phyrus liosmachus etc. a (MORE)