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Who were the Celts?

The Celts of Britain and Ireland are descended from a population who expanded out of northern Spain after the last Ice Age (See R1b on Wiki). The DNA doesn't show any connecti (MORE)

Who are the celts?

A lot of people don't know who the Celts are. The Celts were tribesthat roamed around Europe, but especially where modern day Ireland,Scotland, and Britain lie. The Celts were (MORE)

What did the Celts were?

The Celts wove their own multicoloured tunics and brown sandals. This was until the Romans invaded and when they brought clothes shops. Then the popular clothing were togas.

What were the Celts?

1200BC there started a population what we call the Celts. They were a barbaric people and they loved war. they startet in the center op Europe and from there spered out to w (MORE)

Where is the Celts?

Modern Celts are in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany, Isle of Man. Or more blankly, Celts originated and have lived in British Isles for thousands of years. It has (MORE)

What did Celts speak?

The question 'What do Celts speak?' has already been answered right here on Just click on the link below labeled "Sources and related links:". .

When were Celts about?

In Britain, they weren't. In June 1792, a group of bards in London staged an entirely fictitious ceremony on Primrose Hill involving a stone circle made from pebbles and cl (MORE)