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What is Michael in Celtic?

  If you mean in Gaelic languages, it's usually Micheàl, with a fada sometimes on the 'i', Miheàl, or in Scottish Gàidhlig Micheil. In Breton it could be Mikael or the (MORE)

What is a Celtic cross?

Answer   A Celtic cross is a symbol that combines the cross with a ring surrounding the intersection. It is the characteristic symbol of Celtic Christianity, though the s (MORE)

What is the Celtic fringe?

The Celtic Fringe is an area of Europe where Celtic customs or Celtic language exists. It is called a fringe because these areas tend to be a fringe of other areas clinging t (MORE)

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How did the celtics get their name?

The Boston Celtics got their name because the word "Celtics" is very Irish and many Irish people bought tickets to see them play. So their coach thought up that name. Basicall (MORE)

Who are the Celtic woman?

The Celtic woman is a group of woman that perform Celtic and traditional music. They are actually really famous :) The Singers Are: Present: Lisa Kelly Chloe Agnew L (MORE)

What is Celtic druidism?

Druids are considered the actual Magic users of the Celtic following. The Celts were just another name for the country dwellers in Ireland, England and Gaul. You can find mo (MORE)