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When was the Celtic festival of Samhain held?

One of the four major Celtic festivals,Samhain was celebrated on 1 November and the night that preceded it,making it in terms of time the equivalent of the modern Halloween.A (MORE)
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What is a fiddle spider?

  A fiddle spider(also called the violin spider or the brown recluse) is a medium-sized venomous spider of North America. It is easily recognized by the violin shape on it (MORE)

What is the origin of the idiom 'fit as a fiddle'?

Fit as a Fiddle - in good health; in fine shapeorigin: This expression dates from at least the 1600s. A fiddle that is fit is well-tuned and in good shape and can play terrifi (MORE)

When was the Celtic festival beltane held?

  One of the four great Celtic festivals held annually was Beltane.It was celebrated on 1 May and marked the beginning of the Celtic summer.It was named after Belenus and (MORE)

What is fiddling?

The saying is that, " Fiddles dance while violins sing". The only real difference in fiddling and playing the violin is the type of music that is played. Some people would add (MORE)

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