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What is cement?

Cement is a building material made by grinding calcined limestoneand traces of clay and gypsum. Its key use is as an ingredient forconcrete or mortar. . Cement is a heteroge ( Full Answer )
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What are the contents in cement?

The contents in cement is as follows, . Tricalcium silicate . Dicalcium silicate . Tricalcium Aluminate . Tetracalcium Alumino Ferrite
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How do you dissolve cement?

Muriatic acid is the builders' choice (HCl gas solution) but the really interesting one is the effect of cane sugar. It turns concrete back into sand and cement. Go figure!
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What is cement fondue?

Cement Fondue has a different composition to "normal" cement - it has a high aluminum content; cures to full strength in 24 hours without any shrinkage or cracking, and is hea ( Full Answer )
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Which cement is better OPC cement or PPC cement?

Well, both types of cements have got merits of its own. OPC is a pure type cement releasing heat energy at a faster rate & the chances of shrinkage cracks are higher. PPC is a ( Full Answer )
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What is in cement?

Cement consists of the following composition, . Cao - 60 -67 % . SiO2 - 17-25% . Al2O3 - 3-8% . Fe2O3 - 0.5-6% . MgO - 0.1-4% . Alkalies - 0.4-1.3% . SO3 - 1-3%
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PVC Cement is a type of cement?

It is a type of glue used for gluing pipes together... (not the type of cement in concrete).
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Why is cement called Portland cement?

In 1824 Joseph Aspdin, a British stonemason, obtained a patent for a cement he produced in his kitchen. The inventor heated a mixture of finely ground limestone and clay on hi ( Full Answer )
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Can Cement be put on top of cement?

If the question means: "can new concrete or mortar be put on top of old concrete", for example to restore a reinforced concrete structure, the answer is NO. You will have to ( Full Answer )
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What is hardening of cement?

Cement when mixed with sufficient quantity of water,the compounds present in cement reacts with water to form a cementitious crystalline structure that adheres to the sand and ( Full Answer )