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Why is there censorship in A Streetcar Named Desire?

If you mean censorship there are many ways to answer that question.  In the 1951 movie, it was decided not to use the whole text of the  original play, which was used in ret (MORE)

What is the difference between censorship and propaganda?

  Censorship stops certain things being published.... usually things which a state/organisation feels show it in a bad light. Propaganda ensures that certain things are (MORE)

Cons of censorship?

Our freedom of speech is compromised *can intrude on the privacy of people *can compromise our entertainment value in books and movies *it can control people *it gives only on (MORE)

Was there censorship in the Vietnam War?

Yes, military censorship existed in the Vietnam War. Military censorship helps hide important military information from becoming exposed to the enemy. Military information inc (MORE)

Why are some people against censorship?

People are against censorship because they believe it is the right of the people to know what is going on in the world around them. Music, television, politics, even people th (MORE)

Did Benito Mussolini use censorship?

Yes Mussolini did use censorship. His policy of Leggi Fascistissime (banning opposition parties) and his press censorship, prevented the views of any opposition being heard. T (MORE)

That there are ever situations where censorship is necessary?

Personally, I am against censorship. It infringes upon our basic  rights and it isn't someone else's place to decide what others can  and can't have access to. Censorship is (MORE)

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What is censorship imposed on?

Anything, anyone, and any ideas, thoughts or dreams. Most of the time it is imposed on the "weak and unprotected." People or organizations with power are rarely censored with (MORE)