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What is the US Census?

A principle agency of the U.S. Federal Statistical Systemresponsible for producing data about the American people andeconomy.

What is a census point?

A traffic census is where the local council with the help of the local Police stop drivers and cause traffic mayhem. This is done in order for them to ask questions about moto (MORE)

What is census?

The worldÕs population is over 7 billion people based on the last  count through the way called census. Census records details of  individual to have an official count or a (MORE)

What does a census worker do?

A census worker is a person who is hired by the government To take a record of people per household if they do not return their census slips. They are Normally people who cann (MORE)

When was the first census?

Censuses have been taken for thousands of years. The reason Mary and Joseph were in Bethlehem was so they could be counted for a Roman Census. The first Census taken under the (MORE)

What is the purpose of the census?

The purpose of a census is many fold:- As an historical record of the population of a country, how families are arranged, hosed and what occupations are being undertaken by t (MORE)

Why is the census created?

The census was created because back in the day Thomas Jefferson created it so that he can know the amount of people that lived in each area so that he can be able to provide e (MORE)

When is a census taken?

In the United States, a census is taken every ten (10) years, in a year that is evenly divisible by 10. So censuses were taken in 1790, 1800,...1890, 1900, 1910,...1970, 1980 (MORE)

Who is counted in a census?

EVERYONE    The census is a count of everyone residing in the United States: in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Island Areas.    All (MORE)