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What is census?

The worldÕs population is over 7 billion people based on the lastcount through the way called census. Census records details ofindividual to have an official count or a sur ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have a census?

The US has a census every ten years to get the information needed to asign seats in the House of Representatives to each of the states.
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What is the census?

The census is a questionnaire which is sent to every person living in a country. It is sent out every 10 years and in the US is required by the constitution.
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What is a 'census?

A census is formal counting of the population of a region or country. The term comes from Latin. During the Roman Republic the census was a list that kept track of all adult ( Full Answer )
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Who does the census?

A census is usually a function of governments. In the US, it is performed by the Bureau of the Census , part of the Department of Commerce.
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Who was Census?

Census was not a person. The census was an early Roman form of registration of its citizens for taxation purposes. Today, the census is the government's way of finding out w ( Full Answer )
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Why do you do the census?

The census is required by the constitution of the USA. It allows the government to know important general information such as natural increase and other population measures. I ( Full Answer )
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Do you have to answer the census?

Yes, you should. It gives us a picture of our growth,diversity, andpopulation. Added: You MUST answer with at least the basicinformation requested such as the number of peo ( Full Answer )
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Why do they have a census?

Technically speaking, this was put into the Constitution simply so that they could know how many representatives in the House of Representatives each state would have.
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What is census and why do you do it?

Census is an official count or survey of a population, typically recording various details of individuals... We do this to keep track of how many people is in an area..