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Do you have to answer the US census?

You are required under The Constitution of the United States only to answer the question of how may people live in your house. The reason that information is required is becau (MORE)

What is census?

The worldÕs population is over 7 billion people based on the last  count through the way called census. Census records details of  individual to have an official count or a (MORE)

How old is the census?

The census has been around since Ancient times, beginning with the Ancient Egyptians in 3340 BC and in 3050 BC. In the United States, the census has been around 1790 and has (MORE)

What is a census?

A census is an official count of members of a population of people (or of other living things). The government form of a census counts the residents or citizens in specified a (MORE)
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What is census and why do you do it?

Census is an official count or survey of a population, typically recording various details of individuals... We do this to keep track of how many people is in an area..

What is the purpose of a census?

A census calculates the population of a country which can be used for many things, such as locating places to put public service facilities (schools, post offices, roads, libr (MORE)

Why do you do the census?

The census is required by the constitution of the USA. It allows the government to know important general information such as natural increase and other population measures. I (MORE)

Do you have to answer the census?

Yes, you should. It gives us a picture of our growth,diversity, and  population.    Added: You MUST answer with at least the basic  information requested such as the (MORE)

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