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What is center of gravity of an object?

That "point" in a body where the entire weight of the body can be  represented to be present. Extend your knowledge by exploring where  the center of gravity would be for me (MORE)
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Where is the giraffes center of gravity?

  The centre of gravity for a giraffe is almost in the middle of it's stomach but closer to the front. That is why the giraffe can slide down and not tip over.
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How do you maintain a Center of Gravity on a rocket?

I'm not sure what you mean by this but if you want to replicate gravity on a spaceship than you have to have the entire spaceship spin around in a circular form creating centr (MORE)
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What does center of gravity have to do with stability?

Centre of gravity of a body is defined as the fixed point in the body through which the weight of the body would act in whatever position the body is kept. Hence if the CG is (MORE)

Is gravity the strongest at the center of the earth?

the center of the earth is at the core so yeah i guess so because gravity pulls stuff toward it?.
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What is the center of gravity of a bagel?

If the bagel is symmetrical, i.e. a torus or a fat ring, then the  CG is in   the center of the hole. This is the reason that no matter how  carefully   you spread, (MORE)

What is the center of gravity of pencil?

The ease with which an object can be balanced depends greatly on  the location of its center of gravity. In this video segment  adapted from  ZOOM, two cast members experi (MORE)

What is meant by center of gravity?

gravity is the force that pulls everything down towards the centre  of the earth.
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