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Where is the center of the universe?

Nowhere and everywhere. The Universe was created from a single point and has expanded ever since. There is no centre, nor is any one place at the centre of the Universe. ( Full Answer )
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Where is the tweeter center?

Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts is located in Mansfield, Massachusetts approximately 30 miles south of Boston.
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What is an integration center?

The Army Capabilities Integration Center leads the development and integration of force capabilities across the DOTMLPF for the Army within a Joint and Multinational environme ( Full Answer )
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What is your center number?

my college number is 562 and center number 5 and my seat number is 8358
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What is a resource center?

A Resource centre is a room which seperates special education classes for the less fortunate ones that was left behind to get a good education..
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What does a center do?

Typically the center in American Football snaps the ball to the Quarterback. He also blocks the defensive players.
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Is center Texas in the center of Texas?

No, it is not. It is in the center of Shelby County and therefore it is called Center. Plus really awesome people live here. We aint just a bunch of hicks. Answer: Cen ( Full Answer )