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What is an effective way to prevent diseases?

To live a healthy lifestyle; eat well, but everything in moderation. Exercise daily. Stay away from things like cigarettes and recreational drugs. Avoid stressors or deal with (MORE)

What are the advantages of biological control over chemical control for prevention of plant diseases?

  Biological control takes more roll in Integrated pest Management system where we are adopting the natural based methods inclusive of of Mechanical, Physical, Agronomical (MORE)

Is alcoholism a preventable disease?

  The only true prevention for alcoholism is abstinence.   If someone is genetically predisposed to acohol and they choose to drink, they have no control over weather o (MORE)

What is a respiratory control center disease?

There is a part of your nervous system that controls things like breathing and heart rate without you having to think about it. This is the autonomic nervous system. The par (MORE)