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Why did many Americans not trust the Central Intelligence Agency?

Some reasons include:   A. The CIA spied on American citizens.   B. The CIA assassinated world leaders.   C. The CIA played a role in the Watergate scandal.   (MORE)

Name the world's best intelligence agency?

World's Best Intelligence Agency is ISI from Pakistan. if don't believe than Visit the link below...
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Why was the central intelligence agency formed?

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a civilian intelligence agency of the United States government. he CIA has established this site to provide the public with an overvie (MORE)

What is the US central intelligence agency?

The United States Central Intelligence Agency is the primary entity that collects data and information about foreign governments and political factions. Key items of Intel inc (MORE)
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Do defense intelligence agency intelligence officers carry guns?

For the most part, DIA is all about data collection, analysis & dissemination, i.e. it's just "a bunch of guys in suits and ties, sittin' around and 'suckin' scopes." Nuthin' (MORE)

What is the primary function of the Central Intelligence Agency?

The CIA has three major tasks: 1. to coordinate the information gathering activities of all State, Defense, and other federal agencies involved in the areas of foreign affairs (MORE)

What is a centralized law enforcement agency?

A centralized law enforcement agency is a law enforcement agency  that has a broader range than a local law enforcement area. Duties  of the centralized law enforcement agen (MORE)