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What is central venous pressure in medical terms?

The central venous pressure or right atrial pressure is the pressure of the blood in the thoracic vena cava near the right atrium. The pressure reflects the amount of blood th (MORE)

What is poly catheter?

It is an abbreviation of polyurethane catheter or polyethylene catheter, which describes the type of material of the catheter. A catheter is a thin flexible tube inserted into (MORE)
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What is the function of catheter?

To drain fluids from body cavities, or to distend (expand) body passages for diagnostic examination.
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What is venous heart?

  The part of the heart filled with deoxygenated blood - the right auricle and ventricle of humans.   The heart of fishes is venous as it is fully filled with deoxygena (MORE)

What is a venous Doppler?

  This is usually used to test for deep vein thrombosis, where sound waves are bounced into a vein and reflected off before being analysed by a computer to give an idea of (MORE)

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