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What are analogies for centrioles?

Centrioles are like spindles. A Centriole is like a straw because they both are tubes that letthings get from one end to the other end. The centriole has a round look to it ( Full Answer )
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What is a centriole?

The centriole is the part of the cell that goes to the end of each cell during prophase and forms spindal fibers. A centriol is what divides cells and is only in animal cell ( Full Answer )
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What are centrioles?

centrioles are cylinders composed of 9 tubes bound together, each with 3 tubules. They come in pairs of 2, and are always sitting at 90 degree angles from each other. They are ( Full Answer )
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What does a centrioles do?

Centrioles are a cell organelle which are located in animal cells. They are made of 9 sets of microtubules, which are in groups of 3. There are two centrioles in each cell, an ( Full Answer )
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What is a centrioles function?

A centriole acts as the center for producing microtubules, which are the component of cytoskeleton.
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What are analogies for Centriole?

I'm assuming you need this for an assignment of sorts? The best way to form your own analogies (if you're looking for, say, the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, et ( Full Answer )
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What is centrioles function?

The centriole is a paired organelle found only in animal cells. It is located near the nucleus in the centrosome, and acts as an organizing center for microtubules. The centri ( Full Answer )
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What are the functions of centriole?

Centrioles are two small organelles every animal cell contains, andtheir function is to help the division of the cell. This means theyare involved in the two very important fu ( Full Answer )
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Where do centrioles migrate to?

This question is on a sheet intitled "Meiosis - Internet Lesson" it is question number 14. I still dont know the answer and this is due with in two days! So, can anybody pleas ( Full Answer )
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Does virus have centrioles?

Viruses are not cells. They have no centrioles. They have only DNAor RNA with a capsid. Some have an envelope over the capsid.