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1 century equals how many years?

A century technically refers to 100 years. It comes from the Latin  word centum, which means 100. However, astronomical year  numbering includes a "0". So if you refer to, f (MORE)
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Where is the 1 cylinder on 1996 buick century 3100?

cylinders 2,4,6 are on the front bank(think radiator side) and cylinders 1,3,5 are on the rear bank(firewall side)..these are listed from left to right when standing in front (MORE)

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Who won the most Formula 1 Championships in the 20th Century?

Michael has won the drivers world championship in formula one 7 times in his illustrious career. His first 2 titles were in 1994 and 1995 when he was part of the Benetton raci (MORE)
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What is better the you phone 5c or 5s?

the 5s because it has better service but it dosent have diffrent  colrs just silver gold and black
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How has World War 1 shaped the 20th century?

World War 1 shaped the 20th century by presenting the Treaty of  Versailles to force the change in German government. It also helped  to centralize government, settling the (MORE)