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What to do when a Muslim dies?

First, the body is washed and covered in white cotton or linen cloth. A funeral prayer is held, known as the janazah prayer, and the Muslim is buried in the direction of Mecca (MORE)

Your Father died there is no will what do you do?

  You should go to the local probate court and apply for Letters of Administration (as opposed to Letters Testamentary when there is a will). You will need the names and a (MORE)

What to do when your brother dies?

When you lose your brother, someone who is such an essential part of your life- who is more than a sibling because he is often a friend, teacher, hero... you have to find a wa (MORE)
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What secretariat died of?

Secretariat developed laminitis, and had to be humanely euthanized. Laminitis is a deadly disease in horses that has claimed the lives of many legendary racehorses. Recently, (MORE)

Did Doctor Who died?

well, First off, his name is "The Doctor" and no, he doesn't die,  he regenerates. in the last Christmas special, the 11th doctor (who  was on his last regeneration) was gra (MORE)

Who on lost dies?

Jack, Jin, Sun, Sayid, Locke, Charlie, Juliet, Michael, The man in black, Shannon, Boone, Ana Lucia, Faraday, Libby, Eko, Charlotte, Christian, Ilana, and Jacob die on lost. B (MORE)

What do you do after your boyfriend dies?

I've experienced this, and I was heartbroken.......I grieved a lot, but eventually you have to get out there and start living again. But he'll always have a special place in y (MORE)

Who dies in baccano?

In the anime baccano many people die. First off the black suited guys all die and the white suited guys die too exept for ladd. Im not sure if lua dies too because they didnt (MORE)