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Is a cerebral hemorrhage a painful death?

Death by cerebral hemorrhage may or may not be painful. If it is massive, you will probably loose consciousness before you are aware of the pain. If it is more of a convention (MORE)

What is a brain hemorrhage?

Bleeding inside the brain is called brain haemorrhage. It can result from trauma (head injuries), rupture of blood vessel due to high blood pressure or micro aneurysm, and due (MORE)
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What is a hemorrhagic lesion?

  Depends....   "Hemorrhagic" is the property of containing or secreting blood that shouldn't be there. "Hemorrhage" refers to blood escaping from blood vessels of (MORE)

What can be the symptoms of a cerebral hemorrhage?

    The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Cerebral hemorrhage includes the 8 symptoms listed below:     Brain symptoms   Loss of co (MORE)

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What is a cerebrate?

To think   ANS2:   An organism that has a head is cerebrate. Starfish, for example,  are not cerebrate.
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