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What is a cerebrum?

A cerebrum is the upper part of the brain, divided into the twocerebral hemispheres. It is the seat of motor and sensoryfunctions, and higher mental functions such as consciou (MORE)

What is cerebrum?

The cerebrum is the largest part of the brain that allows you to think, make decisions, imagine, etc. It contains about 10 billion neurons, and about 50 trillion synapse. Th (MORE)

What does a cerebrum do?

The cerebrum is divided into two cerebral hemispheres: left and right. These are the areas of higher thought, such as reasoning. The frontal cortex of the cerebrum is believed (MORE)

What does cerebrum do?

The cerebrum, or the cerebral cortex is the forebrain. Evolutionary speaking, it is the newest part of the brain, and the place where most "higher functions" are carried out. (MORE)

Where is cerebrum?

It is pretty much the entire top area of the brain, bilaterally. The frontal lobe (the pre-motor and motor areas, the motor speech area) The parietal lobe ( the general senso (MORE)
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What is the function or the cerebrum?

The cerebrum is just another name for the brain. The brain is made up of different sections that all have different functions. There are four main lobes, the frontal which is (MORE)