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What does anti-cernes mean?

It's the french word for (undereye dark circles) concealer. The term has its roots in art where it represents a white line placed between two areas of color; much used by fauv (MORE)

What is the full form of cern?

CERN stands for Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, which is French for "European Organization for Nuclear Research". Since the foundation of CERN the official nam (MORE)

Who pays for cern?

The respective countries, which are involved in studies at CERN. Such are: Germany - 144,0 Mio€France - 111,2 Mio€United Kingdom - 106,5 Mio€Italy - 83,4€Spain - 61, (MORE)

Where is CERN located?

CERN is located in Switzerland near Geneva. Coordinates: 46° 14′ 3″ N, 6° 3′ 10″ E.
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Did CERN invent the internet?

No. No one person invented the internet, nor did any one organisation qua organisation. The origin of the internet was the DARPANET. DARPA was the Defense Advance Research Pr (MORE)

What is CERN?

  In English it is the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Google birthplace of the World Wide Web.

What is CERN working on?

      The most famous of CERN's projects is The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) - The world's most powerful atom smasher.     CERN's main function is to provid (MORE)

Who founded CERN?

Twelve representatives of each founding country signed the charter of CERN at the 29th of July 1953 in Paris. Beforehand CERN existed only as an idea, a provisional Organisati (MORE)
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What is IHC CERN particle accelerator?

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN is an experimental piece of equipment which is providing data on the beginning of the universe and how atoms are made. It simulates what happ (MORE)