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Is it a certainty that a company will lose out on new opportunities if it does not keep up with new technology?

Depends on the business and technology, of course they have to match. But in the information technology case, it IS a certainly for what business doesn't deal with any informa (MORE)

What is ironic about jems certainty that Tom Robinson will be acquitted?

Even though the evidence was 100% in favor of his innocence, the attitude of the townspeople was they wanted to lynch Tom Robinson, just because he was black. The trial was a (MORE)

What is an antonym for certainty?

This is the first time I've been able to violate WikiAnswers ruleslegitimately. Quite literally, I have no idea. Perhaps, without aclue. Now, that rule. WikiAnswers does (MORE)
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What is certainty and uncertainty in quantum mechanics?

certainty means how are you accurate in measuring a physical quantity. There is always some uncertainty in measuring of any physical quantity . It is given by higenberg's unc (MORE)