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What is cetacean?

A Cetacean is an animal that belongs to the Order: Cetacea This includes Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises. Cetaceans are mammals fully adapted to Aquatic life and there are (MORE)

What does cetacean mean?

Cetacean means a marine mammal of the order cetacea. These animalsare whales, dolphins, and porpoises. There are several species ofeach of these animals.

What is the food of an cetacean.?

Cetaceans, also known as whales, dolphins or porpoises, have an extended diet. Toothed whales, eat fish, crabs, squid, and shark in some cases. Whales that have baleen eat shr (MORE)

Is a manatee a cetacean?

No. Whilst it is a marine mammal, a manatee is not a cetacean. Along with dugongs, they are of the order Sirenia, not the order Cetacea. Whales, dolphins and porpoises only ar (MORE)

What do cetaceans eat?

Cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises) are carnivorous creatures. The toothed whales (including dolphins) feed mostly on fish and squid, although the orca (killer whale) (MORE)
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Is it true that young cetaceans are not precocial?

No, quite the opposite! All documented cetacean species have precocial young, in that they are mobile and active right after birth, much like horses or cows. For a species tha (MORE)

What is the body plan of a cetaceans?

Cetaceans, the zoological order including whales, dolphins and porpoises, have a streamlined, bilaterally symmetric shape. They all possess flukes (horizontal, flattened tail (MORE)