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How do you prevent chafing?

Answer . Apply Baby powder or body powder where you are chafing. You can also use body glide where you are chafing.
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What is chafing?

When something rubs against your body like material for example orskin rubbing together, like your thighs, this is what caseschafing. When chafing happens it is very sore and ( Full Answer )
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Why do your balls chafe?

Skin chafing is a result of friction from skin to skin contact.Naturally someone's testicles are going to rub up against theirlegs or in the crevice between their legs and gro ( Full Answer )
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What are chafes?

Chafes is when a persons thighs rub when they walk and it causes a burning rash espically when it's hot kalled chafe!!
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What is a chafing dish?

A chafing dish is the "pan" and the "heating device" below it used to keep food warm or even to cook it. Strictly speaking, it could be either the vessel, or the heat source a ( Full Answer )
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What does Chafing at customs chain mean?

It means to feel as if you are chained to a particular behavior pattern by your culture and/or traditions, and even though testing the bounds of your limitations causes punish ( Full Answer )
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How do you use chafing dishes?

A chafing-dish (from the Old French chauffer, " to make warm ") is a kind of portable grate raised on a tripod, originally heated with charcoal in a brazier, and used for food ( Full Answer )
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What part of speech is chafed?

It is a verb, if you mean in the case, "My leg chafed." However, it could also be an adjective, as in "That is chafed."
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What is a chafing plate?

A chafing plate or chafing dish is a shallow pan or dish used to keep food warm at a table or on a buffet.
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How do you get chafe?

by walking in the heat too much and you can feel the irritation in your between legs