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Why do spiders migrate?

Yes, spiders have a natural migration that takes place about 2  weeks after hatching from their nests. All spiders, including daddy  long legs move away from the original pl (MORE)

Why do karibu migrate?

Caribou migrate so that they will have land to raise there young , which is cool in the winter , and also has less insects.
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What is migration?

The movement of people from one place to another.    Migration is a cyclic behavior that involves the regular, seasonal  or annual journey of an animal from one place (MORE)
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Where do narwhals migrate?

  Narwhals migrate to the shallower of the Arctic waters in summer. There, the aquatic fare is plenteous and easy to chase. But the pickings are fewer with the end of the (MORE)

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Why does a dolphin migrate?

Dolphins migrate for several reasons. a) If the water is too cold, they go to a warmer place. b) For mating or c) For more food
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Why do organisms migrate?

  In some cases it is to congregate at a particular spot for breeding purposes. Salmon and eels migrate for this reason. Also in the case of most birds it is to maintain (MORE)

Where do seahorses migrate?

Seahorses rarely migrate. In fact, they tend to stay in the oceans  water until they cannot anymore. When they have to move, they just  move into deeper sections of the ocea (MORE)

What is the definition of chain migration?

The definition of chain migration is the tendency of certain  cultural or ethnic groups of people to migrate to the same area as  others like themselves. This is common when (MORE)