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How to do a back stitch?

  Back-stitching generally refers to going "backward" over the first few stitches, then forward again. This is used to "lock" the stitches in place, to help prevent unrave (MORE)
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How do you give stitches?

  You have listed sewing and first aid as the categories. What sort of stitches are you talking about?
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Why are my stitches itchy?

It is interesting in that healing wounds seem to get itchy when they are close to being all the way healed. Try not to rub them as you can introduce bacteria into the wound an (MORE)

How many chain crochet stitches to make 88?

To make 88 single crochets, you would make 89 chain stitches and go into the second chain from hook to make your first single crochet. To make 88 double crochets, you would m (MORE)

What is a intercostal stitch?

Intercostal refers to the spaces between ribs. A stitch is where a build up of lactic acid and lack of oxygen causes a muscle to spasm and cause a lot of pain and usually occu (MORE)

How do you stitch in knitting?

It depends on what stitch, normal, garter, seed, stockinette . . . The best thing to do is to get a book on knitting (I have one from the Visual series and it's brilliant) or (MORE)
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What is even stitch?

When the length of the stitch and the space between the two stitch is equal it is called even basting stitch.
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How do you stitch leather?

to stich leather you should do a blanket stitch do the stiches closely together but never stich in the same spot make shure you redu yoyure stich if it is further apart then 2 (MORE)
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What is long stitch?

Typically you would use a long stitch as a basting stitch. You would baste pieces of your fabric that are already cut into pattern pieces to see how something will fit before (MORE)