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What is a variety chain store?

Variety chain stores sell a wide range of goods. It is categorized under chain or multiple stores. Chain or multiple stores must have at least ten branches, and are owned by t (MORE)

What is a chain store?

A chain store is simply a string or group of retail outlets. Chain stores could sell virtually anything from groceries to fast food to dry goods, but these stores are generall (MORE)

What chain stores are in Anchorage?

Some national chain stores in Anchorage are: Wal-mart K-mart Best Buy Circuit City Radio Shack There are many others. Anchorage has the same amenities as any U.S. (MORE)

Why are there no ASDA chain stores in the US?

ASDA is one of the larger supermarket chains in the UK with a national coverage. Since 1999 it has been owned by Walmart and therefore ASDA is Walmart's entry into the UK. The (MORE)

Advantages and disadvantages of chain stores?

The store layout makes shopping easier. They stock a variety of items. They can offer consummers value for money. However, it can be very busy which can make shopping stressfu (MORE)
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What are Germany's leading chain stores?

Germany has some of the largest retailers in Europe. The leading  chain stores in Germany are Schwarz Untemehmens Treuhand KG, Aldi  GmbH & Company oHG, Rewe-Zentral AG and (MORE)